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C ++ Standard Library

C ++ Standard Library can be divided into two parts:

  • Standard library: The library is a common, independent, does not belong to any class of functions thereof.Inherited from the C language function library.
  • Object-oriented class library: This library is a collection of classes and related functions.

C ++ standard library contains all of the C standard library, in order to support the type of security, make some additions and modifications.

Standard library

Standard function library is divided into the following categories:

  • Input / output I / O
  • And character string processing
  • mathematics
  • Time, date and localization
  • Dynamic allocation
  • other
  • Wide character function

Object-oriented class library

Standard C ++ object-oriented class library defines a number of classes to support common operations, such as input / output I / O, string processing, numerical processing. Object-oriented class library contains the following:

  • Standard C ++ I / O classes
  • String Class
  • Value classes
  • STL container classes
  • STL algorithms
  • STL function objects
  • STL iterators
  • STL allocator
  • Localization Library
  • Exception class
  • Miscellaneous Support Library