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Introduction to C ++

C ++ is a statically typed, compiled style, universal, case-sensitive, irregular programming language that supports procedural programming, object-oriented and generic programming.

C ++ is considered amid-level language, which combines the features of high-level languages and low-level languages.

C ++ by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at New Jersey Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill began to design development. C ++ to further expand and improve the C language, originally named C with Classes, later renamed C ++ in 1983.

C ++ is a superset of C, in fact, any valid C programs are valid C ++ program.

Note: Use statically typed programming language is to perform type checking at compile time, not executed at run-time type checking.

Object-Oriented Programming

C ++ fully supports object-oriented programming, including the four major characteristics of object-oriented development:

  • Package
  • Data Hiding
  • inherit
  • Polymorphism

Standard Library

The C ++ standard consists of three important components:

  • Core language, provides all the building blocks, including variables, constants, and data types, and so on.
  • C ++ standard library provides a number of functions for manipulating files, strings, and so on.
  • Standard Template Library (STL), provides a number of methods for manipulating data structures.

ANSI Standard

ANSI C ++ standards to ensure portability - you write code on the Mac, UNIX, Windows, Alpha computer can compile.

Since the ANSI standard has been stable for a very long time, all the major manufacturers C ++ compilers support the ANSI standard.

Learning C ++

Learning C ++, the key is to understand the concepts, and should not go into too much technical detail language.

Purpose programming language learning is to become a better programmer, that is, in order to more efficiently design and implementation of new systems, and maintain the old system.

C ++ supports a variety of programming styles. You can use the Fortran, C, Smalltalk, etc. any one style of programming languages ​​to write code. Each style can effectively ensure the run-time efficiency and space efficiency.

C ++ use

Basically, every programmer has applications in the field of the use of C ++.

C ++ is usually used to write device drivers and other requirements of real-time software access the hardware directly.

C ++ is widely used in teaching and research.

Any use a Windows PC or Apple machine users are indirectly using C ++, because the main user interface of these systems is written in C ++.