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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is a Web programming language.

All modern HTML pages using JavaScript.

JavaScript is very easy to learn.

This tutorial will teach you from beginner to advanced JavaScript knowledge.

JavaScript instance online

This tutorial contains a lot of JavaScript instance, you can click "try" to view online examples.


My first JavaScript program

This is a paragraph

try it"

In each page you can click "try" View online examples! ! !

Try each instance, and modify the code online to see the different operating results! ! !

Note If you can learn step by step according to the example of the site, you will learn JavaScript in a very short period of time.

Why learn JavaScript?

JavaScript web developers must learn three languages ​​in one:

  1. HTML defines the content of the page
  2. CSS describes the layout of the page
  3. JavaScript page behavior

This tutorial is about JavaScript and JavaScript describes how to work with HTML and CSS.

Who should take this tutorial?

1. If you want to learn JavaScript, you can follow this tutorial:

Learn how JavaScript works with HTML and CSS.

2. If, before this you have used JavaScript, you can read this tutorial:

JavaScript has been upgraded, so we need time to understand the new technology of JavaScript.

Before reading this tutorial, you need to know:

Read this tutorial, you need the following basis:

  • HTML and CSS based

If you want to learn the basics, you can find the tutorials on our Home page this tutorial .

JavaScript Examples

Learning more than 100 JavaScript instance!

In the example page, you can click "try" to see examples of online JavaScript.

JavaScript Quiz

Test your JavaScript skills in this tutorial!

JavaScript Reference Manual

In this tutorial, we provide a complete JavaScript objects for you, the object browser, HTML DOM Object Reference.

The following manual contains examples of each object, properties, methods.