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C ++ references

Reference variable is an alias, that is to say, it is a name already exists in another variable. Once the reference is initialized to a variable, you can use the reference name or variable name to point to variables.

C ++ pointer vs reference

It is easy to confuse with the pointer references, there are three main differences between them:

  • The absence of a null reference. Reference must be connected to a legitimate memory.
  • Once a reference is initialized to a target, it can not be directed to another object. Pointer can point at any time to another object.
  • Reference must be initialized when created. Pointer can be initialized at any time.

C ++, create a reference

Imagine variable name is a variable in the memory location of the subsidiary label, you can reference as a variable in the subsidiary in the second memory location tag. Therefore, you can access the variable name or a reference to the content through the original variable. E.g:

int i = 17;

We can refer to the variable i is declared as follows:

int&    r = i;

In these statements, & read asreferences.Therefore, the first statement can be read as "r is an integer i is initialized to a reference to" the second statement can be read as "s reference is initialized to a double type of d." The following example uses int and double quote:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
   // 声明简单的变量
   int    i;
   double d;
   // 声明引用变量
   int&    r = i;
   double& s = d;
   i = 5;
   cout << "Value of i : " << i << endl;
   cout << "Value of i reference : " << r  << endl;
   d = 11.7;
   cout << "Value of d : " << d << endl;
   cout << "Value of d reference : " << s  << endl;
   return 0;

When the above code is compiled and executed, it produces the following results:

Value of i : 5
Value of i reference : 5
Value of d : 11.7
Value of d reference : 11.7

References are usually used for function argument lists and function return values. The following lists the C ++ programmer must clear two with C ++ references related key concepts:

把引用作为参数 C++ 支持把引用作为参数传给函数,这比传一般的参数更安全。
把引用作为返回值 可以从 C++ 函数中返回引用,就像返回其他数据类型一样。