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C ++ comments

Program notes are explanatory statement, you can include comments in C ++ code, which will improve the readability of source code. All programming languages ​​allow some form of comments.

C ++ supports single-line and multi-line comments. Note that all characters will be ignored by the C ++ compiler.

C ++ comments begin with / * in * / Termination. E.g:

/* 这是注释 */

/* C++ 注释也可以
 * 跨行

Notes can also start with //, until the end of the line so far. E.g:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

   cout << "Hello World"; // 输出 Hello World

   return 0;

When the above code is compiled, the compiler will ignore// prints Hello World, will eventually result in the following:

Hello World

In / * and * / inside a comment, // the character has no special meaning. // In the comments, / * and * / characters have no special meaning. Therefore, you can nest another comment in the annotator. E.g:

/* 用于输出 Hello World 的注释

cout << "Hello World"; // 输出 Hello World