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C ++ useful resources

The following resources contain a C ++ websites, books and articles on the. Please use them to further learning C ++ knowledge.

C ++ Useful websites

  • ++ Programming the Tutorials! Language C - C ++ programming language tutorial.
  • Programming C ++ - This book covers a real-life application of C ++ programming language, software interaction design, C ++ language.
  • The FAQ ++ C - C ++ FAQ
  • Country as Free - as Free Country offers a free C ++ source code and C ++ libraries, source code and libraries covering compression, archive, game programming, standard template library and GUI programming C ++ programming.
  • C and C ++ the Users Group - C and C ++ user community with a free cover a variety of program areas C ++ project's source code, including AI, animation, compilers, databases, debugging, encryption, games, graphics, GUI, language tools, system programming.

C ++ useful books

The C ++ Programming Language The C ++ Programming Language