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For website developers, browser information and statistics it is very important.

Website Statistics

W3CSchool on statistics and trends:

Browser Statistics What is the most popular browser?
Operating system statistics What is the most common operating system is?
Screen resolution statistics The most common screen resolution and color depth is the number?


Explorer Internet Explorer (IE browser)
Internet Explorer (IE browser) is Microsoft (Microsoft) released a web browser. It was released in 1995, it is one of today's most popular browsers.

Chrome Google Chrome (Google Browser)
Google Chrome (Google Browser) was developed by Google Inc. a free open source web browser. It was released in 2008, is the most commonly used browsers.

Firefox Firefox (Firefox browser)
Firefox (Firefox) is a web browser from the Mozilla. It was released in 2004, it is one of today's most popular browsers.

Safari Apple Safari (Apple's Safari browser)
Safari is Apple's development of a web browser, it is the default browser, Mac systems. Safari is known for its stylish design.

Opera Opera browser
Opera is a web browser Norwegian invention. It is famous for the following features: fast and small, in line with industry standards for a variety of operating systems. For a series of small devices such as cell phones and PDAs is, Opera is undoubtedly the preferred browser.

Mozilla Mozilla project
Mozilla project is developed on the basis of Netscape. Today, Mozilla-based browsers have evolved into the largest Internet browser family.

Netscape Netscape Browser
Netscape is the first commercial web browser. It was released in 1994. In the competition of IE, Netscape gradually lost its market share. Netscape's official development ended in February 2008.