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Mozilla project

What is Mozilla?


Mozilla is not a web browser!

Mozilla is a framework for building web applications such as the use of CSS, XML, RDF and other web standards.

Mozilla is a development in the Mozilla application suite used in the program code of a non-profit open source web development projects.

Mozilla Application Suite is a complete web application (browser, chat client, news client, mail client, etc.).

Mozilla believes that the Internet is a need to improve and protect public resources.

Mozilla products

  • Firefox - one of the most popular Internet browser
  • Thunderbird - an e-mail and newsgroup client, a safe, fast, and easy to use
  • SeaMonkey - - set browsing, e-mail, chat and editing in one
  • Bugzilla - bug tracking tool
  • Camino - a web browser for the Mac
  • Lightning & Sunbird - calendar extensions and applications
  • Composer - page editor

Products can be downloaded via the following address:

History Mozilla project

In 1998, with the Netscape browser source code released, Mozilla project was created as an open source community.

Within a year, the new community members from around the world has increased for the next browser Netscape's many new features and enhance its existing functionality, while Mozilla project also has grown. Members not only committed to the next Netscape browser, but began to create a variety of browsers, development tools, and other items.

In 2002, the first major release of Mozilla 1.0 was released. The suite of browsers, email clients and other applications that do a lot of improvements. But not many people use it (more than 90% of Internet users use Internet Explorer). In the same year, Mozilla has released Phoenix (later renamed to Firefox) the first version.

In 2003, Mozilla project created Mozilla Foundation, which is an independent non-profit organization. Mozilla Foundation continued to manage the daily operation of the Mozilla project.

In 2004, it released Firefox 1.0, which is a major success. In less than a year's time, Firefox downloaded over 100 million times. Firefox's popularity helped to selector returned to the user.

In 2008, Firefox 20% global market share.

In 2008, Mozilla is celebrating its tenth anniversary. For decades, the community has shown that commercial companies can reap the benefits of open source projects through cooperation.

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Foundation was founded in July 2003, it is located in Mountain View, California.

Mozilla Mozilla Foundation Acronym (abbreviation MF or MoFo), is a non-profit organization for the support and leadership of the open-source Mozilla project established. The management development organizations to develop policies, key management and management organization based trademarks and other intellectual property rights. It has a subsidiary called the Mozilla Corporation, hired some Mozilla developers and coordinates the release of Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Mozilla Foundation describes itself as "committed to providing a diverse choice and innovation in the field of Internet-profit organization."

In the initial stage, Mozilla Foundation began to get involved in wider areas than mozilla org, the former Netscape and Mozilla to push things Partners are used to do.

In the "end-users" move in transition, Mozilla Foundation and a number of commercial companies contracted to sell discs containing Mozilla software and provide telephone support services. In these moves are, Mozilla Foundation chose the former Netscape suppliers.

Mozilla Foundation to become more confident of their intellectual property, they introduced a new policy of its own trademarks.

Mozilla Foundation has started a new project marketing and the like.

With the establishment of the company Mozilla, Mozilla Foundation, all software development and business-related activities were transferred to the new subsidiary bodies.

Mozilla Foundation now only focus on regulatory issues and strategies, it also continues to manage some of the products do not have a project, such as Camino and SeaMonkey.

Mozilla Foundation now has Mozilla trademarks and other intellectual property rights, and all authorized to use the Mozilla Corporation.

Mozilla Foundation also controls the Mozilla source code repository and decides who can commit code storage.

Mozilla Foundation's Roadmap

Mozilla decided to develop a new roadmap. Listed below are some of the new roadmap points:

  • Focus on standalone applications (FireFox browser, Thunderbird e-mail / news application and an independent designer)
  • Make Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird became the primary product
  • With a large deployment of Mozilla maintained (now Mozilla browser) application for businesses and organizations SeaMonkey suite
  • One year development cycle as the Mozilla 1.4 branch used by the organization "distributor / vendor" branch to perform maintenance
  • Repair crucial Gecko layout architecture of vulnerability. All Mozilla applications benefit from such Gecko improvements.
  • Excellence. To do less, but to do better!

It Mozilla name confusion

The first Netscape browser to use the code engine called Mozilla. Netscape 1.0 is rely on code named Mozilla 1.0 engine to drive. Netscape 2.0 using Mozilla 2.0, Netscape 3.0 using Mozilla 3.0, and Netscape 4.0 using Mozilla 4.0.

In 1998, Netscape 4 will open its source code - the same time the development of Netscape 5 is established as an open source project.

This open source project created Netscape 5 is called "The Mozilla Project". Curiously, the Mozilla project code engine is called Gecko.

Unfortunately, after the 4.0 release of the next-generation browser, Netscape development took more than three and a half. This delay undermines the possibility of Netscape as a reliable alternative to Microsoft's IE browser. In the Mozilla project started shortly after Microsoft released its IE 5.0, but before Netscape managed to release a workable browser, Microsoft's IE 6.0 has a ready.

Based on Gecko M18 (Milestone 18) of Netscape 6.0 released in November 2000.

After Netscape 6.0 release, Mozilla-based Netscape began to develop the project called Gecko 1.0 engine 7.

Netscape 6 and 7 are built on top of Mozilla, Netscape and Mozilla are nearly the same suite of applications.

Netscape 7 claims that its use of the code of engine called Gecko 1.0.

At the moment, Mozilla project is developing a new browser called Firefox's. In the past, Firefox was called Mozilla Firebird (and Mozilla Firebird previously called Phoenix, which claims to be a new version of Mozilla).