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Netscape has been declared dead


Netscape is the first commercial web browser. It was released in 1994. Although Netscape is a commercial software, but it also provides a run on Unix, VMS, Macs and Microsoft Windows operating systems such as the free version.

April 1997, Microsoft launched IE 4.0 series version, this version is almost bad reviews, as the development of Netscape 4.0 was surging. However, Netscape is a good day and did not continue. The Windows 98 era, Microsoft has come up with a mind trick to win the IE bundled with Windows 98 free of charge, this time IE has slowly become good again. Since the operating system provides a browser, why buy a single one? The vast majority of users have such thoughts, results in a very short period of time, Netscape user groups rapidly shrinking, a sharp decline in market share. In the competition of IE, Netscape gradually lost its market share.

Faced with the threat of Microsoft's powerful, Netscape in November 1998 decided to free software and open source code for all programs, the main force in the commercial market. This measure is almost not enough time to implement, Netscape was acquired AOL.In 1998, AOL with $ 4.2 billion acquisition of Netscape.In 2003, Mozilla Foundation and Netscape separated from its former parent as AOL provides a $ 2 million gift as a break.

December 28, 2007: Netscape developers announced that due to the low market share, AOL (America Online) will stop at February 1, 2008 to develop their web browser.

Netscape's development director, Tom Drapeau, wrote: "AOL Network to shift the focus of the business, resulting in no more funds into research and development, promote the Netscape browser to reach the eyes of the user's expectations."

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Netscape issues

Netscape 4.x series of the browser support for CSS poor, does not support XML.

After 4.0, Netscape spent nearly three and a half years to develop its next-generation browser. The delay significantly reduces the likelihood of Netscape monopolize the browser market.

Netscape version

Netscape Navigator 9 - released in 2007.

Netscape 8 - released in 2006.

Netscape 7 - released in 2002.

Netscape 6 - released in 2000.Support for CSS and XML.

Netscape 5 - Netscape skip version 5.

Netscape Communicator 4 - released in 1997.

Netscape Navigator 3 - released in 1996.

Netscape Navigator 2 - released in 1996.

Netscape 1 - released in 1994.