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jQuery UI ThemeRoller

ThemeRoller Profile

ThemeRoller is a Web application for jQuery UI design and download custom themes provides an intuitive interface. You can access the jQuery UI ThemeRoller keynote customization.

jQuery UI ThemeRoller by the Boston Group Filament, Inc designed and developed.

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ThemeRoller interface

ThemeRoller interface is divided into different panels, each panel are global font and radius settings, widget container style, clickable elements of interactive state, and cover a variety of styles and shadows. The panel allows you to configure various CSS attributes such as font size, color, weight, color and texture of the background, border color, text color, icon color, radius, and so on.

Theme Pavilion (Gallery): pre-designed themes

ThemeRoller theme by Permalink URL for viewing, it contains a number of pre-designed themes to choose from. Theme Pavilion (Gallery) can be accessed via the application interface is located at the top of the tab bar. From the Theme Pavilion (Gallery), you can preview and download the theme, you can even choose a theme, and then switch to the "Roll Your Own" tab to adjust.

Download theme

When you are finished designing the theme, you can download themes for use in the project. ThemeRoller At the top there is a "Download theme (download the theme)" button, you can generate a zip archive that contains all the files related to the theme. Download the image file is generated according to your specifications and save it as a high-quality PNG files.

Your topics will include images and CSS, it formed a customized version of jQuery UI CSS framework contains all widget images and CSS.

In accordance with the downloaded theme in the project

Once you've downloaded the theme, unzip, you will see a file named themes files. This folder contains CSS and images the theme. Copy the theme folder to your project, and a link on the page themes/all.css file.

Create custom "ThemeRoller-Ready" component

ThemeRoller Ready BannerThemeRoller Ready Banner

ThemeRoller generated a jQuery UI CSS framework customized version for developing your own ThemeRoller-ready jQuery components. Framework created by this class is designed to provide a common user interface design, including status, icons, and various auxiliary classes.

For more information on the development of jQuery UI CSS framework, view the theming API documentation .

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