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jQuery UI download

Once you have a basic understanding of jQuery UI, you can try your hand. From the jQuery UI Web site Download Builder (Builder download) Download a copy of the jQuery UI page.

Create a custom jQuery UI download

jQuery UI download Builder (Download Builder) allows you to select the components you need to download for the project get a custom version of the library. Create a custom jQuery UI download requires the following three steps:

Step 1: Select the components you need

Download Builder (Download Builder) in the first column of the page lists all the JavaScript jQuery UI components Category: Core (UI Core), interactive components (Interactions), widgets (Widgets) and Effects Library (Effects). jQuery UI in some components depend on other components, when selecting these components, it depends on other components will also be automatically selected. The components you selected will be merged into a jQuery UI JavaScript file.

Download Builder

Step 2: Choose a theme or a custom theme

Download Builder (Download Builder) page, you will see a text box, a list of topics for the jQuery UI widgets series of pre-designed. You can choose from these topics provided a can also be used ThemeRoller customize a theme (see the following chapters explain).

Advanced theme settings: Download Builder (Download Builder) relating to section also provides some advanced configuration settings as the theme. If you plan to use multiple themes on one page, these fields will come in handy. If you intend to use only one topic on one page, then you can skip these settings.

Step 3: Select the version of jQuery UI

Download Builder (Download Builder), the last step is to choose a version number. This step is important because jQuery UI version is designed with a specific version of jQuery. The current version has:

  • jQuery UI 1.10.2 - Requirements jQuery 1.6 or later.
  • jQuery UI 1.9.2 - Requirements jQuery 1.6 or later.

Click the Download button to download!

Click the Download button to complete the download. You will get a zip file containing custom components you selected.