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jQuery UI examples

jQuery UI provides a set of interactive user interface, special effects, widgets, utilities and themes. By way of example the demo, view the source code, create a theme , read the API documentation , started using jQuery UI.

Interactive (Interactions)

Interactive (Interactions) add substantially to the behavior of the mouse on any element. You can only create a sorted list, scaling elements, drag and drop behavior, etc. by just a few lines of code. Interactive (Interactions) also acts on the more complex widgets and applications.

Widgets (Widgets)

Widgets (Widgets) has a fully functional UI control that allows desktop applications have the same rich Web application functionality. All widgets (Widgets) provides a core, a large extended with custom actions and full theme support.

Special effects (Effects)

Special effects (Effects) support color animation and Class conversion, but also provides some additional Easings. In addition, a complete set of custom effects for the show and hide elements or just add some visual display use.

Utility (Utilities)

jQuery UI using the entity tools (Utilities) to create an interactive (interactions) and widgets (widgets).