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jQuery UI Tutorial

jQuery UI is built on the jQuery JavaScript library a set of user interface interaction, special effects, widgets, and themes. Whether you are creating highly interactive Web applications or just add a date picker control to the form, jQuery UI is a perfect choice.

jQuery UI contains many small parts to maintain state (Widget), therefore, it is a typical jQuery plugin uses a slightly different pattern. Use the same pattern all the jQuery UI widgets (Widget), so long as you learn how to use one, you know how to use other widgets (Widget).

Now start learning jQuery UI!

Examples from the beginning

In order to experience what is jQuery UI, check out jQuery UI instance .

In the example presentation section, navigation lists all interactive components and widgets jQuery UI provides. Choose an interactive component or widget you will see some demo configuration-specific plug-in. In each presentation, you can view the source code, change the theme, and the URL can be bookmarked. For example, you can view the folding panel member to fill the space example demonstrates pages.

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