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What is <AppML>?

<AppML> appML is a web application designed HTML extensions box:

  • XML language defines the application of the model
  • JavaScript runs on the client browser
  • PHP or ASP scripts running on the server

AppML is the application of a pattern language (A pplication M odeling L anguage) .

Learning is very simple

  • Super simple model
  • Super simple property
  • Super simple application development
  • Runs on any platform and any browser
  • Easy installation

Only HTML, JavaScript, and XML

<AppML> only need to include JavaScript in the HTML page, and then on the server to store XML data:

HTML page:

<h1>My First Web Application</h1>

<div id="Place01">
<table id="Template01" class="appmltable">
<tr id="appml_row">

<script src="appml.js"></script>
app=new AppML("appml.htmlx","Models/Customers");"Place01","Template01");



<sql>SELECT CustomerName,City,Country FROM Customers</sql>


try it"

If you have learned web development before, you'll find <AppML> Very easy to use.

If you've been learning PHP, ASP, or ASP.NET development, you will clearly see the use of <AppML> benefits.

Modern Web Architecture

<AppML> is a combination of the latest technology and modern web development ideas, the use of high-speed low consumption simple framework:

  • Using MVC architecture
  • Very low bandwidth consumption
  • Optimization of cloud computing
  • Complete separation of content
  • Intelligent, flexible and rapid Web development
  • A high degree of scalability and testability
  • Simple configuration and reconfiguration
  • Smart supports user accounts and roles

<Appml> History

In 1999, Refsnes Data company began to develop AppML, based on XML, used to define the Internet application language. In September 2000, a large-scale project carried out for Norway handball league began, its purpose is to be a huge information system by using only AppML conversion from the old DOS environment to the modern Internet. And this major project has just achieved a great success. According to the developer is estimated and compared to the traditional Web development, the development time is shortened by up to 75%.

In mid-September 2007, AppML content for offline use, because it supports ASP and IE.

In October 2013, AppML announced as an open source product, compatible with PHP, ASP.NET versions of all browsers.

AppML in 1999, the original design goals:

  • AppML application must have a network running so
  • Applications should be platform independent AppML
  • AppML application must use Internet standards (HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML)
  • AppML application must support the needs of various applications
  • AppML application must be a self-description
  • AppML application must be easy to develop, maintain and modify
  • AppML application must face the future