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AppML download

This section describes how to download <AppML>, after downloading we will immediately begin developing web applications on your computer.

Download <AppML>

<AppML> is not a product. <AppML> is an idea. It is only in the script and the script browser on the server.

Anyone can download <AppML>, after downloading you can modify the base to create our own professional web applications.

You can use to download from the PHP <the AppML>:

lamp Examples of php site using the link on appml way for mysqli database and mysqlnd
More about php mysqli information see: the PHP 5 the MySQLi functions
More about php mysqlnd information see: mysqlnd Introduction

You can also download the software for the ASP .NET <the AppML>:

ZIP file contents:

file name description
appml.php (or .htmlx) <AppML> server-side script
appml.css <AppML> style file
appml.js <AppML> Browser Scripting
appml_config.php (or .htmlx) <AppML> Local Configuration
Images (folder) <AppLM> Picture Style

If you have your own web server

If you already have a support ASP.NET or PHP web server:

1. Create a folder named Demo (or any other).

2. Unzip the files and folders from zip.

3. Copy the file to the folder you are a new web folder.

4. Start your application development

If you do not have web server

If you do not have a web server, you can use Microsoft's WebMatrix (freeware) to develop web applications

Use WebMatrix, you do not need web server can be on your computer to edit, test, and execute web applications.

WebMatrix comes with features:

  • <AppML> file editor (HTML, CSS, and XML)
  • You can run the application web server (IIS Express)
  • The database server (SQL Server Compact)
  • Well supported server-side language (PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET)

You can download it from the following address WebMatrix:

When you have to install WebMatrix, you can refer to the above steps to use Appml.

If you already have a database

By changing the configuration information appml.config file, you can connect to the database server on your own:


<database name="demo">


<database name="demo">
Provider=SQLOLEDB;data source=sName;Database=dbName;user id=dbUser;password=dbPass

ASP.NET Access (full path)

<database name="demo">
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:DemoDataDemo.mdb

ASP.NET Access (virtual path;)

<database name="demo">
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=#webroot#DataDemo.mdb

If you do not have a database

If you do not have a database:

You can use WebMatrix to create a database.

Access database or download from the following link: .

Or from the following links to download an empty Access database:

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