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This tutorial describes versionon the future of Web applications below.

The demise of the executable file, JavaScript will survive

Compiled executable files (such as compiled C or Java language) can not be run on different hardware.

Executable files (EXE files, ActiveX and COM objects, DLL file) is to prevent the components of the application running on the Internet development.

Future applications will not be available, or rely on, is installed on the client computer components.

our suggestion:

To write your future application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Ensure your future applications can run on any Web browser.

Web applications will become Internet services

Past applications are large, applications created for a specific purpose. Most of them will soon die out because they can not provide services as needs change.

Applications should be flexible, versatile, well adapted to changing needs without being destroyed.

Applications should be able to extend from the support of millions of requests per day.

The application should be able to without being destroyed, spread across multiple servers and mobile.

Applications should be able to work together with other applications.

Applications should not contain a lot of code. Applications should be broken down into smaller service so easy to create and easy to maintain.

Applications are returning data to a range of Internet services Internet requests submitted.

The case of a permanent connection application should not remain in the service request to the server via standard Internet protocols.

our suggestion:

Based SOA (Service Oriented Architecture Service Oriented Architecture) to write your future Internet applications.

Make your application services more versatile, more flexible, and can serve different types of requests.

Future applications will be easy to create and edit

The client and server side in an easy to understand way data exchange.

If you can avoid the application it will not be encoded.

The application will be created and modified by editing the model rather than editing the code.

Description of the application will be human-readable.

Description of the application will have the self-descriptive.

Applications to be prepared by the user, instead of writing by the programmer.

our suggestion:

The use of human-readable text files to describe the service, and to provide services through the implementation of these descriptions.

Using a text file (such as an XML file) to describe the application.

Using a text file (such as an XML file) for data exchange.

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to execute the application.

Three small Web Developer ...

A long time ago, there are three small Web developer, to develop a new Web site.

1. The first Web developers use <AppML>.

2. The second Web developers use his favorite server-side programming language.

3. The third is to use a professional enterprise Web development framework.

The first Web developers finish the presentation within two days. After cooperation with users, within a week to complete the initial prototype. After two weeks of testing, a smart, fast and easy to use website ready for release.

Six months later, a second Web developers ready his website. However, WWW has changed the demand, so his site is not satisfied. The Web developers can not make major changes to his project, because it contains too much code. So he began a second version of the development.

The third Web developers never successfully completed his work. The professional Web development framework, it is very difficult to use, difficult to understand and almost impossible to test.

The first look at a developer is how to do .