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XSL-FO stream

XSL-FO pages use from: Data <fo flow> element to fill.

XSL-FO page sequence (Page Sequences)

XSL-FO using <fo: page-sequence> element to definethe output page.

Eachoutput pages are references to a defined page master layout.

Eachoutput page has a defined output<fo: flow> element.

Eachpage will be outputby the sequence (order) is printed or displayed.

XSL-FO flow (Flow)

XSL-FO page from the use of: content <fo flow> element to fill.

<Fo: flow> element contains all the elements to be printed to the page.

When the printed page is full, the same page master will be used over and over again until all the text is printed.

Flow to where?

<Fo: flow> element has a "flow-name" property.

Defines the value of flow-name attribute of the <fo: flow> element content will be where to go.

Legal values:

  • xsl-region-body (into the region-body)
  • xsl-region-before (into the region-before)
  • xsl-region-after (into the region-after)
  • xsl-region-start (to enter the region-start)
  • xsl-region-end (into the region-end)