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XML Editor

If you want to study very seriously and use XML, then you will definitely benefit from using a professional XML editor.

XML is text-based

XML is a text-based markup language.

XML on a very important thing, XML files can be similar such as Notepad simple text editor to create and edit.

However, when you start working with XML, you will soon find that using a professional XML editor to edit the XML document will be better.

Why not use Notepad?

Many Web developers use Notepad to edit HTML and XML documents. This is because the most commonly used operating system comes with Notepad, and it is very easy to use. Personally, I often use Notepad to quickly edit some simple HTML, CSS, and XML files.

However, if you use Notepad for XML editing, you may soon find a lot of problems.

Notepad can not determine the type of document you're editing, so it can not assist your work.

Why use XML editor?

Today, XML is a very important technology, and development projects are using these XML-based technologies:

  • With the structure and data types of the XML Schema definition of XML
  • Use XSLT to transform XML data
  • Use SOAP to exchange XML data between applications
  • Use WSDL to describe web services
  • Use RDF to describe web resources
  • With XPath and XQuery to access XML data
  • Use SMIL to define graphics

To be able to write error-free XML document, you need an intelligent XML editor!

XML Editor

Professional XML editors will help you to write error-free XML documents, according to some DTD or schema to validate XML, and forces you to create valid XML structure.

XML editor should have the following capabilities:

  • Tags are automatically added to the beginning of the end tag
  • Forcing you to write valid XML
  • According to DTD to validate XML
  • According to validate the XML Schema
  • Your XML code syntax color display of