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XSL language

It starts with XSL, ended in XSLT, XPath and XSL-FO.

Starting in XSL

XSL means Extensible Stylesheet Language(E X tensible S tylesheet L anguage).

Cause World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) started to develop XSL is: there is an XML-based Stylesheet Language demand.

CSS = HTML Style Sheets

HTML uses predefined tags, the meaning of each tagcan easily be understood.

HTML in the <table> tag defines a table - and a browserknows how to display it.

Adding styles to HTML elements is easy. Through CSS, it is easy to inform the browser to use a specific font or color of a display element.

XSL = XML stylesheet

XML does not use predefined tags (we can use any favorite tag name), and the meaning of each tag isnot all that easy to understand.

<table> tag means that an HTML table, a piece of furniture, or whatever -is not clear how the browser to display it.

XSL to describe how to display XML documents!

XSL - just Stylesheet Language

XSL consists of three parts:

  • XSLT - a language for transforming XML documents.
  • XPath - An XML document in the navigation language.
  • XSL-FO - a language for formatting XML documents.

The main content of this tutorial is XSLT

The rest of this tutorial is XSLT - a language for transforming XML documents.

To learn more about the knowledge of XSL-FO and XPath, please visit our XPath tutorial and XSL-FO tutorial .