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Server-side scripting guide

ASP and PHP - server-side script

HTML files can contain text, HTML tags and scripts.

Server-side scripting is programming the server behavior. This is called server-side script or server scripts.

Client-side scripting is programming browser behavior. (See JavaScript primary curriculum).

Typically, when a browser requests a HTML file, the server returns this file, but if the file containing the server-side scripting, before this HTML file as plain HTML to be returned to the browser will first execute HTML files script.

What server script do?

  • Web page to dynamically edit, change or add any content
  • User requests or data from the HTML form submission in response
  • Accessing data or database and to return the results browser
  • For different users to customize the page
  • Improve web security, so that your page code will not be checked to see through the browser

Important: Because the script is executed on the server, the browser does not support script in case you can display the file server!


In W3CSchool, we demonstrate server-side scripting by using Active Server Pages (ASP) and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

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