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SVG blur - Gaussian blur

Note: Internet Explorer and Safari does not support SVG filters!

<Defs> and <filter>

SVG filters all Internet defined in <defs> element. <Defs> element defines short and contains special elements (such as filters) definition.

<Filter> tag is used to define SVG filter. <Filter> tag with the required id attribute to define the graphical application which filters?

SVG <feGaussianBlur>

Example 1

<FeGaussianBlur> element is used to create a blur effect:


Here is the SVG Code:


<svg xmlns="" version="1.1">
<filter id="f1" x="0" y="0">
<feGaussianBlur in="SourceGraphic" stdDeviation="15" />
<rect width="90" height="90" stroke="green" stroke-width="3"
fill="yellow" filter="url(#f1)" />

try it"

For Opera users: view SVG file (right-click on the preview source SVG graphics).

Code analysis:

  • The only name <filter> element id attribute defines a filter
  • <FeGaussianBlur> element defines blur
  • in = "SourceGraphic" This section defines the effect created by the entire image
  • stdDeviation attribute defines the amount of blur
  • Filter Properties <rect> element is used to link the elements to "f1" filter