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SVG Profile

SVG is the use of XML language to describe two-dimensional graphics and drawing programs.

Before learning should have the basic knowledge of:

Before you continue, you should have a basic understanding of:

  • HTML
  • XML foundation

If you want to study these subjects first, please the site home page , select the appropriate tutorial.

What is SVG?

  • SVG Scalable vector graphics means (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • SVG is used to define pattern for web-based vectors
  • SVG uses XML format definition graphics
  • SVG image to enlarge or change in the size of its image quality will not be lost
  • SVG is a standard World Wide Web Consortium
  • SVG and W3C standards such as DOM and XSL is like a whole

SVG is a W3C Recommendation

SVG on January 14, 2003 became a W3C Recommendation.

To read more about the W3C's SVG event, please visit our W3C tutorial .

SVG history and benefits

In January 2003, SVG 1.1 was established as the W3C standards.

Organizations involved in the definition of SVG include: Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Apple, IBM and Kodak.

Compared with other image formats, use SVG advantages:

  • SVG can be a lot of tools to read and modify (such as Notepad)
  • Smaller size SVG and JPEG and GIF images compared, and compressible stronger.
  • SVG is scalable
  • SVG images can be printed in any high quality resolution
  • SVG may be exaggerated in the image quality does not decline
  • SVG image text is optional, and is searchable (very suitable for making map)
  • SVG can run with Java technology
  • SVG is an open standard
  • SVG files are pure XML

SVG's main competitors are Flash.

Compared to Flash, SVG biggest advantage is compatible with other standards (such as XSL and DOM). Flash is not open source and proprietary technologies.

View SVG file

Internet Explorer9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari all support SVG.

IE8 and earlier versions require a plug-in - such as the Adobe SVG browser, which is available for free.

Create SVG file

Because SVG is an XML file, SVG images can use any text editor to create, but it is often used in conjunction with a drawing program such as Inkscape , more easily create SVG images.