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Publish your RSS Feed

Only when other people can find your RSS document, it is useful.

Put your RSS to publish on the Web

Now is the time to put your RSS file uploaded to the Internet. Here are the steps:

1. Name your RSS. Note that the file must have an .xml extension.

2. Verify your RSS file. (You can find good validator).

3. Upload the RSS file to a web directory on your web server.

4. Put the little orange button RSS Logo or XML Logo Copy it to your web directory.

5. Place the small button on the outside you would like to provide RSS page. Then add a button to link to the RSS file. The code would look like this:
<a href="">
<Img src = "" width = "36" height = "14">

6. 6. Submit your RSS feed to RSS Feed directory. pay attention! The feed URL is not your page, but your URL to your feed, such as "". Here some free RSS aggregation services:

7. In the important search engines registered your feed:

8. Update your feed - now you've got RSS feed buttons from Google, Yahoo, and MSN's. Please be sure to regularly update your content, and RSS feed is constantly available.

I can own RSS feed to maintain it?

The best way to ensure your RSS feed according to the desired manner, that is to manage it yourself.

However, this can be very time-consuming, especially for a lot of work in terms of updates.

An alternative is to use a third party automated RSS.

Automatic RSS

If you do not want to update your own RSS feed, there are some tools and services that can be done automatically work for you, such as:

  • MyRSSCreator - provides automated, reliable RSS service in 10 minutes
  • FeedFire - offer free RSS feed creation and distribution

For those who only need a website for personal RSS feed of users, some of the popular blog (Web Log) Manager provides built-in RSS services: