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RSS channel element

The RSS <channel> element can describe the RSS feed.

RSS <channel> element

Look at the following RSS document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<rss version="2.0">

<title>W3Schools Home Page</title>
<description>Free web building tutorials</description>
<title>RSS Tutorial</title>
<description>New RSS tutorial on W3Schools</description>


As mentioned earlier, <channel> element can describe the RSS feed, and have the three required child elements:

  • <Title> - Defines the title of the channel. (Eg w3school Home)
  • <Link> - Hyperlink definitions arrive channel. (Eg
  • <Description> - description of this channel (such as the free website building tutorials)

<Channel> usually contains one or more <item> elements. Each <item> element defines an RSS feed an article or "story".

In addition, there are several optional <channel> child elements. We will explain the most important ones in the back.

<Category> element

<Category> element is used to feed the sub-species regulations.

<Category> child element so that RSS aggregators to group sites based on category possible.

Category RSS document above could be:

<category>Web development</category>

<Copyright> element

<Copyright> child element will inform you about the version information.

The RSS version of the above documents may be

<copyright>2006 Refsnes Data as. All rights reserved.</copyright>

<Image> element

<Image> child element of an image can be displayed when aggregators provide a feed.

<Image> has three required child elements:

  • <Url> - define a reference image URL
  • <Title> - to define the image can not be displayed when the text display
  • <Link> - This site provides definitions arrive channel hyperlink

Such images may be above the RSS document:


<Language> element

<Language> child element is used to specify the language used to write the document.

<Language> element makes RSS aggregator based on the language of the site to be grouped possible.

Language RSS document above could be:


RSS <channel> Reference

element description
<category> Optional. To define one or more types of feed belongs.
<cloud> Optional. Registration process in order to obtain an updated feed immediately notice.
<copyright> Optional. Inform the copyrighted material.
<description> Required. Description channel.
<docs> Optional. It points to the current provisions of the RSS file URL format specification used.
<generator> Optional. Provisions for generating a feed program.
<image> Optional. When the polymerization renders a feed, display an image.
<language> Optional. Provisions of the language used in the preparation of feed.
<lastBuildDate> Optional. The definition of feed content last modified date.
<link> Required. Ultra defines the link channel.
<managingEditor> Optional. The definition of feed edits the e-mail address.
<pubDate> Optional. The definition of feed for the content of the final release date.
<Rating> Optional. feed the PICS level.
<skipDays> Optional. Ignoring the provisions of the updated feed days.
<skipHours> Optional. Ignoring the provisions of the updated feed hours.
<textInput> Optional. Text entry fields that shall be displayed along with the feed.
<title> Required. Custom header channel.
<ttl> Optional. Specify the update source from the feed before this feed, feed the number of minutes that can be cached.
<webMaster> Optional. The definition of this feed web administrator's email address.