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Introduction to RSS

You should have basic knowledge

Before you continue, you need to have a basic knowledge of the following understanding:

  • XML / XML namespace

If you want to study these subjects first, please our home page to access these tutorials.

What is RSS?

  • RSS means Really Simple Syndication (Really Simple Joint)
  • RSS gives you the ability to aggregate content (syndicate) website
  • RSS defines a very simple way to share and view headlines and content
  • RSS files can be automatically updated
  • RSS allows for different views of the site personalization
  • RSS uses XML to write

Why use RSS?

RSS is designed to display the selected data.

Without RSS, users will have to come to your site every day to check for new content. For many users, this is too time-consuming. By RSS feed (RSS is often called News feed or RSS feed), users can use RSS aggregators to check your site faster update (RSS aggregator is used to gather and classify RSS feed site or software).

Since RSS data is small and load quickly, it can easily be similar services using a mobile phone or PDA.

Sites with similar content loop (Web-rings) can easily share the content of their sites, these sites make better and more valuable.

Who should use RSS?

Those few who do not need to update the content network RSS!

RSS those frequently updated content site is helpful, such as:

  • News sites - Lists news title, date and description
  • Enterprise - Lists news and new products
  • Calendar - List of upcoming important dates and arrangements
  • Site Update - lists updated page or a new page

RSS Future

RSS will be everywhere!

Thousands of sites use RSS, every day more and more people recognize its usefulness.

Through RSS, information on the Internet will be easier to find, and the site Developers can also more easily to spread their content to a specific audience.

RSS advantages

Easy News

Choose your news <br> via RSS, you can choose what you want to see the news, with news and information about your job interesting.

Remove Spam

Remove unwanted information <br> you can (finally) get the information you want to separate from useless information (spam) with RSS!

More Traffic

Increase your website traffic <br> by RSS, you can create your own news channel, and publish to the Internet!