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Quality Web Style Sheets

Use style sheets to enhance the quality of the page is crucial.

Do not use <font> tag!

CSS should be used to set the font size of the display on the page. Do not use the font tag.

Use <font> tag will increase the size of the document, and so every time you change the size of a standard text work became a nightmare.

Imagine the following scenario:

One day you decide to modify the title of the site in all colors and sizes. Through CSS, you only need to change one line can do this. If you use the <font> tag, then you need to put the site in all the headings of all pages are modify again.

lamp.gif Using styles Alternative <font> tag will enable us to more easily produce high-quality web interface.

Do not use a fixed font size

Do not use a fixed size value. Always use relative dimensions.

This proposal is the most important reason for not re-adjust the fixed dimensions browser size.

Your visitors may use different equipment (monitors), different browser environment (light) and possible disability (amblyopia).

For example, you can put a person's character size is set to 100% (or medium), the main title is set to 140% (or x-large), while the secondary title is set to 120% (or large), so that users can use re-set your browser to a favorite size.

Note: By adjusting the size of the page text features, the number of printed pages of text can be changed.

Do not use the default font size is very small

Some websites use small text sizes, so you can each page to "plug" into the more content, or make the page look more "fashionable."

Again, using different equipment (monitors), different browser environment (light) and possible disability (amblyopia), the user may cause dyslexia.

lamp.gif Please do not force the user to enlarge text size every time you visit the site each time.

Always use the same background color

Most pages will use a different color for the text elements. The color of the title and link text color text usually is different.

As a web designer, you should be aware of the fact that your visitors can modify the default color options.

If you define colors for web element, then the same should define the background color.

If you do not define a background color, then your site might be messed up bad color combinations (such as red bright red background above the text, or dark text with a dark background).

lamp.gif If you do not specify a background color, text may make difficult to identify.