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Web Accessibility (WAI)

Can be used by people with disabilities can be regarded as a user-friendly website (easily accessible) website.

Disabled means that users with disabilities or those with an unhealthy body.

Web Accessibility Initiative - WAI

WAI (initiated by the W3C in 1997) is a series of plans for web developers, creators and designers to use the guidelines - on how to make content easier to use for people with disabilities.

These guidelines aim is ease of use (accessibility), but also help to make web content available to more browsers (voice browsers, mobile phones, handheld devices), as well as more difficult to work on user environment (non handheld, light, dark, amblyopia, noise, etc.).

WAI your site is very important?


Every day one million people with disabilities in terms of surfing the Internet, and even more than the millions of poor people are using the browser on your device, or to work in a difficult environment.

If your site lacks such as adjustable font size with a text description of the graphics display and convenient navigation, those who can not access your information.

In fact: Your website deprive these people.

Enhance website usability reasons are:

  • You can enhance the reputation and image of the site
  • Can improve user satisfaction
  • Increase the number of visitors
  • Site visitors can increase the residence time
  • Increase the number of returning visitors
  • It can also increase availability without disabilities
  • You can increase the availability of closed graphics visitors
  • You can use old equipment to increase the availability of the crowd
  • The site allows you to serve the fastest growing population: the elderly

Use an adjustable font size

Use a relative font size, so the user can use the browser menu to change the default font size.

You can read it?

You can read it?

You can read it?

You can read it?

lamp.gif You can choose your browser menu "View - Text Size" to change the font size you want.

Use "alt" attribute

alt attribute allows you to image (also may be other elements) to provide a corresponding text.


<img src="images/banana.jpg" alt="Banana">

Sometimes the browser will not display images. Specific reasons are:

  • The user closes the image display
  • Browser does not support mini-browser graphical display
  • Browser is a voice browser (for blind and visually impaired people to use)

If you use the alt attribute, the browser can display or at least read the description of the image.