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Web quality standards

According to the standard write your web pages will help improve your site quality.

HTML standard

XHTML is the latest HTML standards, is HTML 4.01 re-expressed in XML.

According HTML 4.01 allows you to write pages of the site as close as possible XHTML standards.

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CSS standards

For high-quality sites, the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the preferred way to separate content and style. By using CSS, you store all the information about the page style in a separate document.

All modern web browsers support CSS 1 and CSS 2 standards.

For different browsers, use CSS can improve the quality of the site, and improve readability. But also can greatly reduce your website development costs.

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Web verification

web validation tool is a software program that can check your website according to web standards.

When you use a verification tool checked HTML, XHTML or CSS document validator according to the criteria you selected will return a list of errors found. Typically, the validator will return an incorrect line number found.

Make sure you validate a habit before posting page.

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WAI - Web Accessibility Initiative

WAI refers to the Web Accessibility Initiative ( "Web Accessibility Initiative"), sponsored by the W3C.

WAI coordinate global organization through six key areas of work to improve the availability of the Internet: technology, guidelines, tools, education, research and development.

You can according to WAI guidelines by written page, to improve the quality of your site, and your site can be used to make more people (and browsers).

You will learn more about the WAI content later in the tutorial section.