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PHP cURL Functions


PHP supports libcurl library consists of Daniel Stenberg allows you to create various types of server protocol to connect and communicate.

libcurl currently supports http, https, ftp, gopher, telnet, dict, file, and ldap protocol. libcurl also supports HTTPS authentication, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading (this is also completed by PHP's FTP extension), HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user + password authentication and.

Methods Get and Post request using cURL in PHP to achieve

These functions were introduced in PHP 4.0.2.


In order to use PHP's cURL functions you need to install the »libcurl package.

PHP requires libcurl 7.0.2-beta or higher. In PHP 4.2.3 in use cURL, you need to install the 7.9.0 or later version of libcurl. Beginning with PHP 4.3.0 you need to install the 7.9.0 or later version of libcurl. From the start you need to install PHP 5.0.0 or later 7.10.5 libcurl.


To use PHP's cURL support you must add --with-curl [= DIR] option, DIR path to the directory containing the lib and include compile PHP. In the include directory must have a file named curl, contains easy.h and curl.h folder. lib folder should have a file named libcurl.a of. For PHP 4.3.0 you can configure --with-curlwrappers make cURL use URL streams.

Note: Win32 user Note To use this module, libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in the Windows environment must be placed in the directory in the PATH environment variable contains. Without cURL libcurl.dll website.

Resource Type

This extension defines two resource: cURL handle and a cURL handle batch.

PHP cURL Functions

The following list contains the PHP cURL functions:

函数 描述
curl_close() 关闭一个cURL会话。
curl_copy_handle() 复制一个cURL句柄和它的所有选项。
curl_errno() 返回最后一次的错误号。
curl_error() 返回一个保护当前会话最近一次错误的字符串。
curl_escape() 返回转义字符串,对给定的字符串进行URL编码。
curl_exec() 执行一个cURL会话。
curl_file_create() 创建一个 CURLFile 对象。
curl_getinfo() 获取一个cURL连接资源句柄的信息。
curl_init() 初始化一个cURL会话。
curl_multi_add_handle() 向curl批处理会话中添加单独的curl句柄。
curl_multi_close() 关闭一组cURL句柄。
curl_multi_exec() 运行当前 cURL 句柄的子连接。
curl_multi_getcontent() 如果设置了CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,则返回获取的输出的文本流。
curl_multi_info_read() 获取当前解析的cURL的相关传输信息。
curl_multi_init() 返回一个新cURL批处理句柄。
curl_multi_remove_handle() 移除curl批处理句柄资源中的某个句柄资源。
curl_multi_select() 等待所有cURL批处理中的活动连接。
curl_multi_setopt() 设置一个批处理cURL传输选项。
curl_multi_strerror() 返回描述错误码的字符串文本。
curl_pause() 暂停及恢复连接。
curl_reset() 重置libcurl的会话句柄的所有选项。
curl_setopt_array() 为cURL传输会话批量设置选项。
curl_setopt() 设置一个cURL传输选项。
curl_share_close() 关闭cURL共享句柄。
curl_share_init() 初始化cURL共享句柄。
curl_share_setopt() 设置一个共享句柄的cURL传输选项。
curl_strerror() 返回错误代码的字符串描述。
curl_unescape() 解码URL编码后的字符串。
curl_version() 获取cURL版本信息。