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JSP Tutorial

JSP is similar to PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and other languages, run on the server side language.

JSP (the full name of Java Server Pages) is initiated by Sun Microsystems, Inc., and many companies involved to create a common software developers can make responding to client requests, and dynamic generation technology standard HTML, XML, or other document format Web pages.

JSP technology is based on Java language as a scripting language, JSP pages provides an interface to serve the HTTP application unit for the entire Java library server.

JSP file name suffix (* .jsp).

JSP WEB application development across platforms, both can run on Linux can run on Window.

The first JSP program

Getting a first language learning program are generally output "Hello World!", JSP output code as follows "Hello World!":

                  out.println("Hello World!");

I started learning JSP

Learn the basic concepts of JSP, let us now begin to learn JSP it.