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ionic Tutorial

ionic is a powerful HTML5 application development framework (HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework). It can help you use Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to build near native mobile application experience.

ionic focused look and feel, as well as your application's UI interaction, especially suitable for Hybird mode HTML5-based mobile application development.

ionic is a lightweight mobile phone UI library, high speed, modern interface, and other aesthetic features. In order to solve some other UI libraries run slowly on the phone problem, which directly gave up IOS6 version supports Android4.1 and below, to get a better experience.

ionic characteristics

  • 1.ionic based Angular syntax is easy to learn.
  • 2.ionic is a lightweight frame.
  • 3.ionic perfect blend of next-generation mobile framework that supports the feature Angularjs, MVC, the code is easy to maintain.
  • 4.ionic provides a nice design, build applications by SASS, which offers a lot of UI components to help developers create powerful applications.
  • 5.ionic primary focus, so you do not see a mix of applications and native distinction
  • 6.ionic provides a powerful command-line tool.
  • 7.ionic superior performance, fast.

Before this tutorial you need to know?

Before this tutorial you need to know the basics:

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