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VBScript Tutorial

VBScript is a scripting language produced by Microsoft.

VBScript is the ASP (Active Server Pages) default scripting language.

In Internet Explorer, you can try to use VBScript.

VBScript editor

VBScript is a dynamic scripting language.

Internet Explorer supports VBScript so you can execute VBScript in IE browser, through our online VBScript examples, you can see the results running instance:

Examples (only run in Internet Explorer)


<script type="text/vbscript">
document.write("This is my first VBScript!")


try it"

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What is VBScript?

  • VBScript is a scripting language
  • Scripting language is a lightweight programming language
  • VBScript is Microsoft's programming language Visual Basic lightweight version

VBScript examples

Learning by example. Use our editor, you can edit the source code and click "Try" button to see the results.

Online examples!

VBScript Reference

In this site you can find a complete VBScript reference manual.

VBScript Reference