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Swift Tutorial

Swift Tutorial

Swift is a support multiple programming paradigms and open source programming language compiler type Apple 2014 WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) released for the development of iOS, OS X, and watchOS applications.

Swift combines the advantages of C and Objective-C and C unrestricted compatibility.

Swift and Object-C can use the same operating environment in the Mac OS and iOS platforms.

June 8, 2015, Apple announced at WWDC 2015, Swift will be open source, including compilers and standard libraries.

Who should take this tutorial?

This tutorial is for want in the mobile terminal (iphone) or OS X application development programmers, if there is a better programming basics before.

This tutorial? All instances based Xcode7.1 (Swift 2.x syntax) development testing.

The first Swift program

"! Hello, World" program first Swift course starting at the output code is as follows:

/* 我的第一个 Swift 程序 */
var myString = "Hello, World!"


Running instance >>