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Scala Tutorials

Scala Tutorials


Scala is more than one paradigm (multi-paradigm) programming language, designed to integrate object-oriented programming and functional programming of various characteristics.

Scala runs on the Java Virtual Machine, and is compatible with existing Java programs.

Scala source code is compiled into Java byte code, so it can run on JVM, and you can call the existing Java class libraries.

Who should take this tutorial?

This tutorial is for want to learn from scratch Scala programming language developers. Of course, this tutorial will be a number of modules in depth, so you better understand Scala applications.

Before this tutorial you need to know

Before proceeding with the tutorial, you should understand some basic computer programming terminology. If you learned Java programming language, it will help you quickly understand the Scala programming.

Learning Java Tutorial .

The first Scala program: Hello World

The following is written in Scala typical Hello World program:

Examples (HelloWorld.scala)

object HelloWorld {
def main (args: Array [String]): Unit = {
println ( "Hello, world!")

Running instance »

Save the above code HelloWorld.scala file, perform the above scala program (you can also be performed online directly):

$ scalac HelloWorld.scala
$ scala HelloWorld.scala

The output is:

Hello, world!

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Here is a Scala language specification .pdf documents, as a study reference: