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Ruby is an open source server-side scripting language, object-oriented programming, in the mid-1990s, was designed by the Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto (ma zu moo と Yui ki industrialization ro / Yukihiro Matsumoto) and development. In the Ruby community, also known as Matz Matsumoto (Matz). Ruby can run on multiple platforms, such as the various versions of Windows, MAC OS and UNIX.

This tutorial, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Ruby.

Now start learning Ruby!

Who should take this tutorial?

This tutorial helps beginners understand the basics of Ruby language and basic concepts.

Before reading this tutorial, you need to know:

Before providing various examples in this tutorial you start to exercise, preferably already have a basic understanding of computer programs and computer programming language, which will help you learn in this tutorial.

Compile / execute Ruby program

For most programming languages, the first instance of an entry is "Hello World!", The following example uses Ruby output "Hello World!":


#! / Usr / bin / ruby
puts "Hello World!";

Running instance »

Click on "run an instance" button to view the results online instance running.

Or under irb interactive command line mode:

>>puts "Hello, world!"
Hello, world!
=> nil