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MySQL Tutorial


Mysql is the most popular relational database management system, MySQL WEB application is the best RDBMS: one (Relational Database Management System relational database management system) applications.

In this tutorial, we will quickly master the basic knowledge of Mysql and easy to use Mysql database.

What is a database?

Database (Database) in accordance with the data structure to organize, store and manage data warehouses,

Each database has one or more different API is used to create, access, manage, search, and copy the saved data.

We can also be in the file, but the file read and write data is relatively slow data storage.

So, now we use a relational database management system, a large amount of data (RDBMS) to store and manage. The so-called relational database, relational model is built on the basis of the database, by means of a set algebra and other mathematical concepts and methods to process the data in the database.

That relational database management system RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) features:

  • 1. The data appears in tabular form
  • 2. Each row of records name
  • 3. Each name listed as the record corresponding to the data field
  • 4. Many of the rows and columns of a form
  • 5. Several forms composition database

RDBMS term

Before we start learning MySQL database, let us first understand some of the terms under the RDBMS:

  • Database: A database is a collection of related tables. .
  • Data: Table is matrix data. In a database table that looks like a simple spreadsheet.
  • Column: a (data elements) contain the same data, such as postal code data.
  • Line: row (= tuple, or record) is a group of related data such as a user's subscription data.
  • Redundancy: double data storage, redundancy can make the system faster.
  • Primary key: primary key is unique. A data table can contain only one primary key. You can use the primary key to query the data.
  • Foreign key: foreign key is used to link the two tables.
  • Composite key: a composite key (key combination) multiple columns as a key index, generally used for the composite index.
  • Index: Use the index to quickly access specific information in a database table. Is the index value in a database table or column's sort of a structure. Similar to the book catalog.
  • Referential integrity: the integrity of the relationship is not allowed with reference to the requirements referenced entity does not exist. Integrity is the entity relationship model integrity constraints that must be met, the purpose is to ensure data consistency.

Mysql database

MySQL is a relational database management system, developed by the Swedish company MySQL AB, now part of Oracle Corporation. MySQL is a relational database management systems, relational database to store data in separate tables rather than putting all the data in a large warehouse, which increases the speed and improved flexibility.

  • Mysql is open source, so you do not need to pay extra fees.
  • Mysql support large databases. You can deal with tens of millions of records in a large database.
  • MySQL data using standard SQL language form.
  • Mysql allows on multiple systems, and supports multiple languages. These programming languages, including C, C ++, Python, Java, Perl, PHP, Eiffel, Ruby and Tcl.
  • Mysql has good support for PHP, PHP is currently the most popular Web development language.
  • MySQL support large databases, support 50 million records of data warehouse, 32-bit file system table maximum support 4GB, 64-bit systems support the largest table file is 8TB.
  • Mysql can be customized using the GPL agreement, you can modify the source code to develop their own Mysql system.

Before starting this tutorial you should be aware of?

Before starting this tutorial you should know the basics of PHP and HTML, and can simple application.

Many examples in this tutorial are related to PHP language related to our case is basically to demonstrate the use of PHP language.

If you do not know PHP, you can site PHP tutorials to learn the language.