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Highcharts Tutorial


Highcharts is a pure JavaScript library written in a chart.

Highcharts can be very simple and convenient at the web site or web application added interactive chart

Highcharts provided free to individual learning, personal websites and non-commercial use.

HighCharts characteristics

  • Compatibility - Supports all major browsers and mobile platforms (android, iOS, etc.).
  • Multi-device - supports a variety of devices, such as handheld devices iPhone / iPad, tablet and the like.
  • Free access - free open source.
  • Lightweight - highcharts.js kernel library size is only about 35KB.
  • Configuration is simple - use json format configuration
  • Dynamic - you can modify the chart generation.
  • Multidimensional - support multidimensional chart
  • Configuration tool tip - the mouse to move to a point on the graph has a message.
  • Timeline - accurate to milliseconds.
  • Export - forms can be exported as PDF / PNG / JPG / SVG format
  • Output - Output page chart.
  • Zoom - zoom in selected parts of the chart, a closer look at the chart;
  • External Data - Dynamic load data from the server.
  • Text rotation - Supports rotation in either direction of the label.

Supported chart types

HighCharts supported chart types:

No. Chart Type
1 Graph
2 Area chart
3 Pie
4 Scatterplot
5 Bubble Chart
6 Motion Charts
7 Combination Chart
8 3D map
9 Survey plan
10 Heat Map
11 Tree (Treemap)

The next several chapters we speak as we introduce Highcharts specific use.