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Introduction to AJAX

AJAX without reloading an entire page in the case of certain parts of the page to update technology.

What AJAX is?

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

AJAX is a technique used to create dynamic web pages quickly.

AJAX in the background by a small amount of data exchanged with the server, so that asynchronous page updates. This means you can not reload the entire page in the case of certain parts of the page to be updated.

Traditional web page (do not use AJAX) If you need to update the content, you must reload the entire page.

There are many applications that use AJAX Case: Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube and Facebook.

How AJAX work


AJAX-based Internet standards

AJAX based on Internet standards and the use of a combination of the following techniques:

  • The XMLHttpRequest object (asynchronous interaction with the server data)
  • JavaScript / DOM (display / retrieval information)
  • CSS (style setting data)
  • XML (often used as a data transmission format)

lamp AJAX applications and browser and platform-independent!

Google search suggestions (Google Suggest)

With Google search suggestion feature in the 2005 release, AJAX became popular.

Google search suggestions (Google Suggest) using AJAX to create a highly dynamic web interface: When you type in the Google search box, JavaScript character will be sent to the server, the server will return a list of suggestions.

Today started with AJAX

In our ASP tutorial, we will demonstrate how AJAX without reloading the entire page in the case of certain parts of the page is updated. We will use the ASP server script to write.

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