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Introduction to XPath

XPath is a finding information in an XML document language.

Before learning should have knowledge of:

Before you continue to learn, the following should have a basic understanding of:

  • XML / XML Namespaces

If you want to study these subjects first, please our home page to access these tutorials.

What is XPath?

  • XPath uses path expressions to navigate in XML documents
  • XPath contains a library of standard functions
  • XPath is a major element in XSLT
  • XPath is a W3C standard

XPath path expression

XPath uses path expressions to select nodes in an XML document or set of nodes. These path expressions and we have seen in a conventional computer file system is very similar expressions.

XPath Standard Functions

XPath contains over 100 built-in functions. These functions for string values, numeric, date and time comparison, node and QName manipulation, sequence manipulation, Boolean values, and so on.

Use XPath in XSLT

XPath is a major element in the XSLT standard. If there is no knowledge of XPath aspect, you will not be able to create XSLT documents.

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XQuery and XPointer are built on XPath expressions. XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 share the same data model and support the same functions and operators.

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XPath is a W3C standard

XPath on November 16, 1999 became a W3C standard.

XPath is designed for use by XSLT, XPointer and other XML parsing software.

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