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XML technology

Below is a list of XML technology.

XHTML (Extensible HTML)
Tighter and more pure HTML-based version of XML.

XML DOM (XML Document Object Model)
Access and manipulate the standard XML document model.

XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) the XSL consists of three parts:

  • The XSLT (the XSL transformation) - the XML into other formats, such as HTML
  • FO-the XSL (the XSL Formatting Objects) - language for formatting XML documents
  • The XPath - a language for navigating XML documents

XQuery (XML Query Language)
XML-based query language for XML data.

DTD (Document Type Definition)
Used to define the legal standard XML document elements.

XSD (XML Schema)
DTD XML-based alternatives.

XLink (XML Linking Language)
Language to create a hyperlink in an XML document.

XPointer (XML Pointer Language)
Allow XLink hyperlinks to the XML document more specific parts.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
Allows applications exchange information over HTTP XML-based protocol.

WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
For describing Web services based on XML language.

RDF (Resource Description Framework)
Used to describe the network resources based on XML language.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
Syndication format class news site as well as content.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Graphic definitions in XML format.