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XLink Reference Manual

XLink, namely XML Linking Language, is a standard recommended by W3C Certified XML markup language that provides methods to create internal and external links on XML files, and metadata associated with these links.
XLink provides two hyperlinks that can be used in XML documents, simple links and extended links. Simple links, connect only two resources, similar to HTML links and IMG links. Extended Links can connect any number of resources.

XLink attributes Reference Manual

Attributes value description
xlink: actuate
  • onLoad
  • onRequest
  • other
  • none
Define when read and display the resources are linked.
xlink: href URL To link URL.
xlink: show
  • embed
  • new
  • replace
  • other
  • none
Open link in where. Replace is the default.
xlink: type
  • simple
  • extended
  • locator
  • arc
  • resource
  • title
  • none
Type links.