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UDDI is a directory service, businesses can use it to register and search for Web services.
UDDI, English as "Universal Description, Discovery and Integration", can be translated as "Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Services."

What is UDDI?

UDDI is a platform-independent framework for describing services by using the Internet to find businesses, services and enterprise integration.

  • UDDI refers to the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Services
  • UDDI is a directory for storing information about web services used.
  • UDDI is a described by WSDL web services interface directory.
  • UDDI communicates via SOAP
  • UDDI is built into Microsoft's .NET platform

UDDI Based on what?

UDDI using W3C and IETF * Internet standards such as XML, HTTP and DNS protocols.

UDDI uses WSDL to describe web services interface to reach

In addition, by using SOAP, it can achieve cross-platform programming features, you know, SOAP is an XML-protocol communication standard, can find relevant information at the W3C Web site.

* Note: IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force

The benefits of UDDI

Industries or enterprises of any size can benefit from UDDI.

Before UDDI, an Internet standard does not yet exist, it can be used by enterprises to provide information about their products and services to businesses and their partners. Nor is there a way to integrate into each other's systems and processes.

UDDI specification to help us solve the problem:

  • So finding the right business in millions of current online business becomes possible
  • Once the choice to define how business is found to start business
  • Expand new customers and increase access to current customers
  • Expansion of sales and extend market reach
  • Meet the needs of user-driven, to promote rapid cooperation in the global Internet economy, to remove obstacles

UDDI how they are used

If the industry has released a UDDI standard for flight rate detection and reservation, airlines could register their services to a UDDI directory. Then travel agencies will be able to search the UDDI directory to find airline reservation interface. When this interface is found, the travel agency will be able to communicate immediately with this service, so because it uses a set of well-defined reservation interface.

Who supports UDDI?

UDDI is a cross-industry research projects by all major platform and software providers to drive, such as: Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sun, both as a market operator group is also a leader in e-commerce.

There are hundreds of companies involved in the UDDI group.