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Why Use Web Services?

A few years ago, Web services are not approaching the speed to get people interested in the degree.

The most important thing is to work together

Since all major platforms can access the Web through a Web browser, you can take different platforms to interact. To make these platforms work together, Web applications were developed out.

Web applications are easy to run an application on the Web. They are around the Web browser standards to build, can be almost any browser on any platform above to use.

Web services to Web applications to upgrade to another level

By using Web services, your application can publish the function or message to the world.

Web services use XML for encoding and decoding data, and use the SOAP protocol through the opening to transmit data.

Through Web services, your accounting departments Win 2k servers can be connected with IT suppliers UNIX server.

There are two types of Web services applications

Application components reusable

Some functions are different applications often used. So why do we want to develop them again and again?

Web services can be application components as services, such as currency conversion, weather reports or even language translation, and so on.

Compare Ideally, each application component is only one of the finest versions, so that anyone can use it in their applications.

Connecting existing software

By providing a link to their data for different applications way, Web services can help solve problems working together.

By using Web services, you can exchange data between different applications and platforms.