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W3C XML Activity

XML was designed to describe, store, transmit and exchange data.

XML Tutorial

To learn more about XML knowledge, please read our XML Tutorial .

XML version

XML 1.0

Recommended as a W3C, XML 1.0 released on February 10, 1998.

XML 1.0 (Second Edition)

Recommended as a W3C, XML 1.0 (SE) released on October 6, 2000.

The second edition is just correction (bug fixes) on the basis of the first edition of the merger carried out on the errata.

XML 1.0 (Third Edition)

The second edition is just correction (bug fixes) on the basis of combined first and second editions of the errata carried on.

XML 1.1

As a working draft, XML 1.1 released on December 13, 2001, and as a Candidate Recommendation Posted on October 15, 2002.

XML 1.1 allows the use of almost all of the Unicode characters in the name.

Other W3C XML technology

XML namespaces (Namespaces)

XML namespaces may provide a method by reference associated with the URI way, to define the elements that are used in XML and attribute names.

XML Linking (XLink, XPointer and XML Base)

XML Linking Language (XLink), allows you to insert a link to the XML document.

XML Pointer Language (XPointer), allows links to address specific parts of an XML document.

XML Base is a standard for external XML resources default reference. (Similar to HTML in the <base>).


XInclude is a use of elements, attributes, and URI references mechanism for merging XML documents.

W3C XML Specifications and Timeline

specification Draft / proposal recommend
XML 1.0 February 10, 1998
XML 1.0 (2.Ed) October 6, 2000
XML 1.0 (3.Ed) February 4, 2004
XML 1.1 Dated February 4th 2004
XML 1.1 (2.Ed) August 16, 2006
XML 1.0 Namespaces January 14, 1999
XML 1.0 Namespaces SE March 4, 2004
XML 1.1 Namespaces March 4, 2004
XML 1.1 Namespaces SE August 16, 2006
XML Infoset October 24, 2001
XML Infoset (2.Ed) February 4, 2004
XML Base June 27, 2001
XLink 1.0 June 27, 2001
XPointer Framework March 25, 2003
XPointer element () scheme March 25, 2003
XPointer xmlns () scheme March 25, 2003
XInclude 1.0 December 20, 2004
XInclude 1.0 SE November 15, 2006
XML Processing Model April 5, 2004
XMLHttpRequest Object August 3, 2010

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