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SQL ROUND () function

ROUND () function

ROUND () function for the numeric field rounded to the specified number of decimal places.

SQL ROUND () syntax

SELECT ROUND(column_name,decimals) FROM table_name;

参数 描述
column_name 必需。要舍入的字段。
decimals 必需。规定要返回的小数位数。

SQL ROUND () examples

ROUND (X): returns an integer parameter X rounded.

mysql> select ROUND(-1.23);
        -> -1
mysql> select ROUND(-1.58);
        -> -2
mysql> select ROUND(1.58);
        -> 2

ROUND (X, D): Returns the parameter X has rounded D is a decimal digit. If D is 0, the result will have no decimal point or fractional part.

mysql> select ROUND(1.298, 1);
        -> 1.3
mysql> select ROUND(1.298, 0);
        -> 1

NOTE: ROUND return value is converted to a BIGINT!