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HTML5 new element

HTML5 new element

Since 1999, after HTML 4.01 it has changed a lot, and today, in HTML 4.01 Several have been abandoned, these elements in HTML5 has been deleted or redefined.

To better handle today's Internet applications, HTML5 adds many new elements and features, such as: graphics rendering, multimedia content, and better page structure, better form processing, and several api drop elements, positioning, including web application cache, storage, web workers, and so on.

<Canvas> element in the new

标签 描述
<canvas> 标签定义图形,比如图表和其他图像。该标签基于 JavaScript 的绘图 API

New multimedia elements

label description
<audio> Custom audio content
<video> Custom video (video or movie)
<source> Definition of multimedia resources <video> and <audio>
<embed> Definition of embedded content, such as plug-ins.
<track> Such as the <video> and <audio> elements specified external media like text track.

New form elements

label description
<datalist> Define the list of options. Please input element with the use of the element to define the possible input values.
<keygen> Prescribed form for the key pair generator field.
<output> Define different types of output, such as the output of the script.

New semantic and structural elements

HTML5 offers new elements to create a better page structure:

标签 描述
<article> 定义页面独立的内容区域。
<aside> 定义页面的侧边栏内容。
<bdi> 允许您设置一段文本,使其脱离其父元素的文本方向设置。
<command> 定义命令按钮,比如单选按钮、复选框或按钮
<details> 用于描述文档或文档某个部分的细节
<dialog> 定义对话框,比如提示框
<summary> 标签包含 details 元素的标题
<figure> 规定独立的流内容(图像、图表、照片、代码等等)。
<figcaption> 定义 <figure> 元素的标题
<footer> 定义 section 或 document 的页脚。
<header> 定义了文档的头部区域
<mark> 定义带有记号的文本。
<meter> 定义度量衡。仅用于已知最大和最小值的度量。
<nav> 定义导航链接的部分。
<progress> 定义任何类型的任务的进度。
<ruby> 定义 ruby 注释(中文注音或字符)。
<rt> 定义字符(中文注音或字符)的解释或发音。
<rp> 在 ruby 注释中使用,定义不支持 ruby 元素的浏览器所显示的内容。
<section> 定义文档中的节(section、区段)。
<time> 定义日期或时间。
<wbr> 规定在文本中的何处适合添加换行符。

Elements removed

The following HTML 4.01 elements in HTML5 has been deleted:

  • <Acronym>
  • <Applet>
  • <Basefont>
  • <Big>
  • <Center>
  • <Dir>
  • <Font>
  • <Frame>
  • <Frameset>
  • <Noframes>
  • <Strike>
  • <Tt>