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DTD summary

DTD summary

This tutorial has taught you how to describe the structure of XML documents.

You learn how to use the DTD to define the legal elements of an XML document, and how your XML as an internal or external reference declared DTD.

You have to learn how an XML document declaration of legal elements, attributes, entities and CDATA sections.

You also saw how based on a DTD to validate an XML document.

You have learned DTD, the next step to learn what content?

The next step should learn XML Schema.

XML Schema is used to define the legal elements of an XML document, similar to the DTD. We believe that XML Schema DTD will soon be replaced, is used in most network applications.

XML Schema is an XML-based DTD alternatives.

Unlike DTD, XML Schema support data types and namespaces.

If you want to learn more about XML Schema, visit our " XML Schema tutorial ."