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CSS summary

CSS summary

This tutorial has you explain how to create style sheets to control the style and layout of multiple pages.

You have learned how to use CSS to add backgrounds, format text, and formatting borders, padding and margins and define the elements.

At the same time, you also learn how to position elements, control element visibility and size, set the shape of the element, placing it after another, and add special effects to some selectors an element, such as links.

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You have learned CSS, learn what the next step?

The next step should learn JavaScript.


JavaScript is the most popular language.

JavaScript is a language belonging to the web, it is suitable for PC, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

JavaScript can make your site more dynamic.

Many HTML developers are not programmers, but JavaScript but has a very simple syntax. Almost everyone has the ability to add a small snippet of JavaScript into a web page. If you want to

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