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ASP.NET Web Pages Helper

Web Helper simplifies Web development and common programming tasks.

ASP.NET Helper

ASP.NET help is a component of a few lines of simple code to access Razor.

You can use the file stored in .cshtml Razor syntax help build your own, or use the built-in ASP.NET Helper.

In the next section of this tutorial, you will learn how to use Razor Helper.

The following is a brief description of some useful Razor helpers:

WebGrid Helper

WebGrid help simplify the way data is displayed:

  • Automatically creates an HTML table to display data
  • It supports different formatting options
  • Support data pagination (first page, next page, previous page, last page)
  • Support sort the list by clicking on the title

Chart Helper

"Chart Helper" can display different types with a variety of formatting options and labels chart image.


Chart help displays data sources can be an array, or database files.

WebMail helper

WebMail Helper provides methods of using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send e-mail function.

WebImage Helper

WebImage help provide the management page images.

Keywords: flip, rotate, resize, watermark.

Third-party helper

By Razor, you can use the built-in or third-party helper to simplify the e-mail, database, multimedia, social networking and many other issues (such as navigation and network security) to use.

Install Helper

WebMatrix already contain some help, you can also manually install additional helper.

In help of WebPages Reference Manual , you can see a quick reference manual contains a built-in help and the other can be attached to manually install ASP.NET Web Helpers Library Kit helper.

If you create a site in WebMatrix, install helper, follow these steps:

  1. In WebMatrix, open theSite workspace.
  2. ClickWeb Pages Administration.
  3. * Use a password to log on to Web Pages Administration.
  4. Use thesearch area Search Helper.
  5. ClickInstall to install the help you need is.

(* If you're new to Web Pages Administration, you will be prompted to create a password.)