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ASP.NET MVC folder

In order to learn ASP.NET MVC, we will build an Internet application.

Part 2: Explore the Applications folder.

MVC folder

File a typical ASP.NET MVC Web application folder contents as follows:


Application Information


Applications folder

App_Data folder
Content folder
Controllers folder
Models folder
Scripts folder
Views Folder



All MVC application folder names are the same. MVC framework is based on the default naming. Controllers Controllers write in a folder, written in the Views folder view, the model is written in the Models folder. You no longer have application code uses the folder name.

Standardized naming reduce the amount of code, and help developers understand MVC project.

The following is the contents of each folder's a brief overview:

App_Data folder

App_Data folder is used to store application data.

We'll add a SQL database in a later chapter of this tutorial to App_Data folder.

Content folder

Content folder used to store static files, such as style sheets (CSS files), icons and images.

Visual Web Developer will automatically add a themes folder to Content folder. themes in folders jQuery style and image. In the project, you can delete the themes folder.

Visual Web Developer will also add a standard style sheet file to the project: the content folder Site.css file. The stylesheet file is the file you want to change the style of the application you want to edit.


We will edit the style sheet file (Site.css) in the next chapter of this tutorial.

Controllers folder

Controllers folder contains is responsible for handling user input and the corresponding controller class.

MVC requires that all file name of the controller to "Controller" at the end.

Visual Web Developer has created a Home controller (for Home page and About page) Account and a controller (for Login page):


We will create more controllers in later sections of this tutorial.

Models folder

Models folder contains the class represents the application of the model. Model control and manipulate the application's data.

We will create a model (class) in a later section of this tutorial.

Views Folder

Views folder is used to store and display the application associated HTML file (the user interface).

Views folder contains a file folder corresponding to each controller.

In the Views folder, Visual Web Developer has created an Account folder, a Home folder, a Shared Folder.

Account folder contains pages for user account registration and login.

Home folder is used to store application pages such as home pages and pages about the class.

Shared folders for sharing views between the memory controller (master pages and layout pages).


We will edit the layout files in the next chapter of this tutorial.

Scripts folder

Scripts folder store application JavaScript file.

By default, Visual Web Developer is stored in this folder standard MVC, Ajax and jQuery files:


Note: When the name "modernizr" file for an application to support HTML5 and CSS3 JavaScript file.